Millie's Family

Millies Family

Barney, Millie Jean, Bruce Olen and Lizzie Mae---1950


Bruce and Millie Jean May 1952

"Who cares about your old boots, that sun is hurting my eyes!"

"Sweet to the bone."

My Pictures....

This is my new school dress and I got new pink lovebird hairpins.

Do you like my new hair doo?

That scared look on my face is because 32 people showed up for my first dance lesson class!

I was expecting 10! What was Eastfield thinking?

Don't laugh. "Clowning" paid the bills.

You didn't think I taught dance lessons for 8 years without even a week off, just

for the fun of it did you? A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

I'll never be that skinny again!

This is what true happiness looks like. Hal, this is for you.

Yep, I got new office furniture, too. How can I be famous if I write on a card table and sit on an apple crate!

Home Sweet Home.

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