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Hog-Killing Time is written in diary form and shares the adventures, happiness, excitement, sadness, and often heartbreak of 8 year old Millie Jean on the farm during the early 1950’s. You will relive the birth of a calf, the devastating death of the family dog, the discovery of a nest of newborn rabbits, the dreaded piano lessons, Christmas time when money was scarce, and many more touching stories. 

Hog-Killing Time is published by RonJon Publishing, Inc.,                                                    


 Hog-Killing Time is a nonfiction chapter book for grades 2-6. It is about a year of my life as a small East Texas farm-girl. The setting is 1954-1955. 

Paperback, Pages: 81  Publisher: RonJon Publishing, (2005) Language: English, ISBN: 1-56870-549-2, UPC 9  781568  705491 

Sorry, out of print.

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