War Memories Are Forever! is an anthology of thirty-eight World War veterans’ war experiences. Most of these thirty six men and two women left the farms and country life of peacefulness and safety to travel across the world with strangers and fight an enemy they could not imagine.


 They encountered loneliness, heartache, sickness, disease, battle wounds, and for some, death. Some carried the scars and metal in their bodies the rest of their lives. Most lived with terrifying nightmares as they relived the smell of blood and death, the terror of night and mortar fire, the cold and wetness of deep fox holes, and the loneliness of being away from mothers, fathers, sweethearts, wives, and children. These are their stories.


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Paperback,  Pages: 236, Publisher: Sunbelt Eakin (April 30, 2004) Language: English ISBN: 1-57168-589-8, UPC: 9-781571-685896

Sorry, no longer in print.


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